Zeel share price NSE India has given 62% more returns to investors in the last 45 days:

Why ZEEL share price NSE has given so much return is because SEBI settled proceedings against a person last August on a matter related to City HiTech Project LLP and alleged insider trading.

ZEEL share price India on 16th August was Rs. 181.10 which has increased to Rs. 294.30 so far. According to market experts ZEEL share price can go up to Rs 347. But reached at Rs 336 share price continue down trend. Big bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala invested in this stock on 14 sep 2021.

The stock market is very risky so it is better to know some things before you enter. Zeel share price NSE quaterly share holding pattern on 06/2021

Promoters 3.99%
Retail 20.39%
Other domestic institutions 10.06%
Foreign institutions 57.46%
Mutual funds 8.10%

Some important facts about Zeel share price NSE

Subhash Chandra Has been appointed as the Chairman of the Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited. 19 August has been posted as CEO since 2020. And the chairman of the board currently appointed R. Gopalan.

On 15 th December 1991, Mr. Subhash Chandra, established Zee Entertainment Enterprise Limited. Zeel headquarter is located in Mumbai, India’s trade city.

Its businesses are appropriate broadcasting films music streaming web portals.
Zeel revenue was Rs. 8413 Crore in 2020 and the workforce was 3429. It also has Etc network, Taj Television, Ten Sports to be partnered with.

New investors need to know that since FII and DII is holding well, there is no such fear, but it is necessary to check thoroughly before investing to my humble request.