Where Is The 20th Century Famous Beautiful Bollywood Actress Jasmine Dhunna Now?

Jasmine Dhunna Veerana film Actress Till 31 Years Is Lost. She is still searching on Google. She started her film career with Hindi Cinema Sarkari Mehman which came in 1979. She is seen with superstar Vinod Khanna.

But after starring in the Ramsay Brothers horror movie Veerana in 1988, she was never seen in Bollywood movies. Jasmine’s fans are still eager to know and see her. No one has seen Jasmine for over 31 years and no one knows where she is. I tried to explain his biography briefly.

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Jasmine Dhunna Early Life

Jasmine was born into a Sikh family in Ambala, Punjab. When she was a child, she used to act in school plays. From there, her love for acting grew. Later she came to Mumbai from Ambala to become an actress. At that time famous director N D Khatri was looking for a new actress for his new movie Sarkari Mehman. Incidentally, he saw some photography of Jasmine. He calls Jasmine for an audition and selects her to act.

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Actress Jasmine Dhunna Details

Beautiful Indian Bollywood actress Jasmine Dhunna made her acting debut in the 1979 Sarkari Mehman movie. Director N D Khatri chose her as the actress in this film. She could not make a place in the minds of the audience as an actress in this movie. Her dance skills were admirable in this movie.

Her character named is Bindiya in the Sarkari Mehman movie. For almost five years, she did not get a job as a lead actress in any movie. In 1984, Jasmine was seen again in the movie Divorce directed by N D Khatri. In this movie, the names of her characters are Seema and Gita.

Jasmine Dhunna Image

She played a double role in the movie Divorce. She starred in the 1988 movie Veerana, directed by Ramsay Brothers. At the time, the Ramsay Brothers were working with low-paid actresses. Since Jasmine Dhunna had no work, she agreed to work in this horror movie.

Seeing her impressive performance, the audience did not have any difficulty in making a place in their heart. As a result, the movie Veerana became a blockbuster hit. It is heard that underworld Don started blackmailing her after being attracted to her.

These underworlds Don go through all sorts of bad offers and mental anguish. Jasmine says goodbye to the city of Mumbai and Bollywood movies forever for this mental anguish and lack of security. So far no one has come to know about Jasmine Dhunna.